Our Commitment To You
As a professional organization representing clients all over the world, Markim Sports Consulting takes great pride in providing the best sports analysis on the market today. We strictly adhere to following principles:
 Integrity Our handicappers archives are available for all to see. We do not simply showcase wins. We believe our clients have the right to know what they are getting when they choose a professional sports handicapping service. 
 Professionalism We do not take anything for granted. We approach each day and every match-up with the same intensity and focus on success.  Whether it be the Superbowl or a mid-summer baseball game, you will always get our best.
 Client Satisfaction By providing accurate and honest business practices, we believe we will sustain the loyalty of our clients.  Customer service is not optional, it's mandatory at Markim Sports Consulting.

Markim Sports Consulting welcomes you to take the time to evaluate our website and handicappers!!!
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